A Word on Motivation

A few years ago, I got the chance to read a book called "100 Ways to Motivate Yourself," by Steve Chandler. The book gives brief insights on how to fuel your energy truck when it runs out of gas. I found the book utterly inspiring; it really helped me to find my way through what I call my bleak era, and got my back on the track. To be, reading this book was like a turning point in my life.

Anyway, I thought I should share a few notions and concepts discussed in the book, which I think had a tremendous role in my comeback to the real-life, if you know what I mean.

1 – Blow up your TV

Work and accomplishment need positive energy, and believe me you won't be able to recharge your positivity batteries watching television. The reason is abundantly clear; TV is filled with negative thoughts.
Answer me this: do you think you would ever make something worthy with your life watching other people live their lives? If you're serious about your life and your future, you better focus on stuff that brings positive energy and motivation to your live, and believe me television is not among those things.

2 – Lose your cool

Do you care what people think of you and your action? You won't live your life to the fullest until you don't. Trusting your abilities is a great source of motivation, and you won't ever feel confident if you make an account of what people think of you. Behave the way you think it reflect you, not the way people think of you. Motivate yourself by leaving coyness fear and hesitation behind you and gamble on your boldness, courage and abilities.

3 – Plan your work and manage your time

Thought leader and author Napoleon Hill once wrote that there is no better way to transform your setbacks into motivation than detailed and accurate work planning. As soon as the image of what you want becomes clear, elaborated, step-by-step planning becomes the next thing to do.

And here comes a problem: Most people think that they don't have time for daily or weekly planning. They simply don't know that one hour of daily planning save you a tremendous amount of work time during the week. In fact, super achievers consider that planning hour to be the most productive hour in their week.

Source by Hosam Allam

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