Apter Motivation – Understand Its Intrinsic And Extrinsic Forms

1. Intrinsic form of Apter motivation
Here, a person is motivated to undertake a task simply because he loves the task itself, and not because of a reward that is promised at the end of the task. Hobbies undertaken by students, such as fishing or camping are examples of intrinsic forms of motivation. They undertake these tasks for the pure joy of the task itself.

So how do you know when you experience intrinsic motivation? Well, when you know deep within yourself that you are capable of achieving a target, and your actions are a result of this, then you are experiencing intrinsic motivation, that is, motivation from within you. So, the task is undertaken simply because of the inner drive and not in search of a promised prize or reward. Secondly, you may undertake a task so as to set an example to others, maybe those younger to you or to subordinates at work. Thirdly you may want to become the expert in your particular field of work. Professionals like doctors and photographers experience this all the time – after a point, it is not the payment for the given task that drives them to work harder, but just the act of doing the job well itself is what brings the motivation.

2. The Extrensic form of Apter motivation
Many a time, you see people getting involved with projects at the work place, not because they enjoy doing the work or because it is their area of ??expertise, but simply because of the promise of a salary hike or a benefit. The prize may not always be monetary. A person may work harder at the office simply to get a little more recognition, which in turn would lead to a promotion, and finally a higher salary, yes. With the work scenarios as they are today, company managers are constantly looking for new ways to motivate their employees to work harder, by offering various fringe benefits and rewards, and this is again an example of extrinsic motivation at work. However, this ceases to work at times when employees realize that any company would offer them the same kind of benefits, and this is the downside of it.

Whatever the kind of motivation it is that is applied to you, or you apply to others, success is when the motivation is enough to get the desired action in the right degree. Self motivation is a great trait for you to practice, to help reach higher landmarks in life.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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