Are You ‘Toward’ Motivated or ‘Away From’ Motivated?

The headline says it all, doesn’t it? Just by reading it, you’ve probably already concluded what it’s all about and maybe, just maybe, which one is your most dominate, yes? Let me explain.

There are 2 types of motivation: TOWARD & AWAY-FROM. Both can be highly effective in getting you motivated for different reasons at different times. We are all motivated to achieve the things that we want to achieve in our lives by something. Questions is….”WILL IT STICK, STAY & CREATE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT?”


Being toward motivated will make you feel as through you are being moved or pulled toward a goal. Being toward motivated about something gives you that ‘I can’t wait to get there’ kind of feeling.

It’s a positive feeling you may have about an event or it could be a picture that you have in your mind.

Research proves that toward motivation gets more consistent results over time than away-from motivation.

A potential problem with being too toward motivated is that a person may neglect the often necessary (& maybe unpleasant) tasks (work) required to reach the positive goal.


A great example of a person who is away-from motivated would be a person who is wanting shed body fat because they don’t like the way they look in the mirror. They are being moved forward only because they want to move away from something else they don’t want. By the way, that something normally has a negative feeling attached to it!

But, there’s some good news! One of the good things about away-from motivation is the fact that it can provide a very strong impetus to take action.

There are 3 potential problems with being too away-from motivated:

1) You may only take action when things get really bad.

2) There’s more stress associated with the goal and taking action.

3) Long-term results may suffer once an initial goal is achieved and the original impetus for changing and staying motivated is gone.

As trainers, we can tell if a client is toward or away-from motivated.

Do you want to know how we know?

Beware, because it’s the language you use.

HOMEWORK: Keep a close eye on what you say to others and (more importantly) yourself. Try and catch yourself using TOWARD & AWAY-FROM language.

“To re-program your mind-set all you have to do is download a new updated version to replace the old version.

Once downloaded, you will start to create & design the life that you truly want.”

Source by Travis J Bell

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