Chill Wills Quotes – Win, lose or draw, you’re all my cousins and I love you.

Win, lose or draw, you’re all my cousins and I love you.
(Chill Wills – American Actor)

18-Jul-1903 : 15-Dec-1978

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Health Tips: Try to stop or at least limit the pills you take daily
while chronic health conditions may result into the need for you to consume several types of pills daily, it would do well to try to limit their use as much as possible since the simultaneous intake of these pills can result into kidney damage due to its harmful chemical contents.

Boost Your Productivity Tips: Use A Calendar System
Keep what you have to do and all the major deadlines in a calendar system like Google Calendar. In this way, you can easily prioritize and plan your time hence boosting productivity. Google Calendar can also help you keep track of random assortment of appointments and the places you need to be at. It also facilitates coordination with business partners by allowing two or more people to synchronize their calendars.

Boost Your Productivity Tips: Imagine Competition While Working
This works for some people: Pretend that all the people around you are potential clients judging your work habits. Imagining this competition will make you work harder and more productively.

Money Saving Tips: Bundling insurance policies.
There are certain insurance providers today, which can offer not just auto insurance policies, but also homeowners, and other forms of insurances. If you want to save some money, you should ask your provider for possible discounts if you bundle your policies. When you do that, aside from saving money, it would also become more convenient for you, since you won’t have to deal with paying different providers.

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