Do It Now, Procrastination to Motivation

Whenever I catch myself fooling around on YouTube, reading senseless articles, or doing anything that is the opposite of productive, I think to myself "Do it Now." It's a Mantra that I use to get back on track to my daily goals whenever I catch myself slacking off. Above my desk where I do most of my work is a note with those words written Boldly, just to increase the likely hood that I will remind myself to Do It Now.

What is It? The answer changes from day to day, and sometime from hour to hour. It is what will benefit me most by having It completed. Right now, It is finishing up this article so there is new information on the website, so more people will be coming back. When that It is completed, I will be reorganizing the categories on the website to make it more functional and easier to find the information that you are looking for. I will also be putting in a training program to teach you guys how to train your brain.

For the record, I did not come up with "Do it Now." I first heard about it when reading an article by Steve Pavlina, appropriately titled Do It Now and can be found here . If you haven't heard of Steve Pavlina, I highly recommend him. His website is called Personal Development for Smart People, where he covers all aspects of personal development. In this particular article, he talks about how he graduated college with 2 degrees in only 3 semesters. Amazing article which I pick it up every few months, just for a refresher and a creativity boost.

He originally got "Do it Now," from a book by W. Clement Stone, who taught his sales team to constantly tell themselves that to keep motivated and on track. Again, anything by W. Clement Stone, I would recommend. I've only picked up a few of his books, the most recent being Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, but I would go out on a limb, and say that any book of his is written with the same quality.

The point of this article is to get you to use "Do it Now" as a way to get yourself motivated and working towards your own personal goals. Whenever you feel like you are slacking off just remind yourself, and you will be surprised how quickly you return to being on track.

Try it out and be sure to leave me the results you have. Also, does anyone else have any Mantras that they use for a similar purpose? Let me know below. Thanks again, ~ Ryan.

Source by Ryan England

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