Finding Your Motivation

When I talk about motivation I ask people to imagine the following situation:

There is a large plank of wood on the floor, Would you all be able to walk across it if I asked you to? Of course you would. If we raised the plank onto 2 chairs you could walk across it. But what if we put it between two 3rd story windows?

We learn about ourselves by imagining how we would react under pressure so I'm going to place the plank at the top of two 60 storey sky scrapers. Would you walk the plank if there were no safety measures? If you said you would not walk the plank now, how about I offer you $ 1,000,000 to? Maybe I have not got to your price yet? Maybe you will not walk the plank for any amount of money?

Let's try some different motivation. Your child is on the other end of the plank and I've set fire to the other building, would you cross now?

What about the people without children? How about if I set fire to the building they are in and their only method of escape is the plank?

In truth I can get everyone to walk the plank if I can find the correct motivation. I'm not suggesting that burning buildings and exceeding your kids are good forms of motivation! What I'm suggesting here is that there is always something that will motivate us to do away our fears and attempt things we are scared of.

An interesting point raised by the plank game is the difference between logical and emotional decision making. Our imagination controls us. Imagining falling off means we will not even take the first step. The learning point here is that not only does our imagination control us but if we are careful we can control our imagination by deciding what to think about in advance of a stressful situation.

Source by John Shackleton

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