Freedom of Motivation – Are You Motivated?

“Tell me how it feel’s to have the fresh air in your face, flesh water in you mouth and a warm hug, that’s one necessity and a human right”

Like Motivation it’s a human right.

We all have been motivated at some time or another.

Some people feel motivated to play sport, some people feel motivated to cook dinner, some people feel motivated to do wherever it takes to get were they want to go.

But it’s not that complicated, I would say, and some people would say, that it’s not that easy either!

What is motivation?

What do you really want in your life? Think about it…

We can make a massive list, or a small list, really it will not matter because everybody wants the same thing in the underlining structure of the phrases that we use to ask for what we want.

What is what we want the most?

It’s our human need to be loved, accepted, respected, to feel significance, to feel important and make a difference?, of course you could say that there is much more to it that that!!, We could say that it’s really important to be our ideal weight, ideal size or body shape, to have good health, have a nice house, a car, a big screen TV, money, a business, have faith, a good job, a holidays, children, family and friends.

But what would you like all of these things for?

Think for a moment –

is that to feel loved, accepted, respected, significant or challenged?

You have the freedom of motivation in your hands every day and every single moment you can choose to make a different for yourself and to others. Now!

Discover what’s inside your motivation and get wherever you want to be with the help of a coach.

NOW!! you can do something about it

I’d love to hear from you!!!

I’m confident that you will do wherever it takes to get what you want.

o Take charge of your life NOW!!!

o You choose the POWER of ” Change”

o Let me help you make the “Change”

Who is coaching you?

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Source by Susana Mulero-Lopez

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