2,270+ French Proverbs, French Phrases & French Quotes

The most comprehensive collection of 2,270+ classic french proverbs,  french phrases, sayings & french quotes …

French Proverbs French Phrases & French Quotes

They are simple sayings and brief life quotes by the wise people from the ages. They have a tendency to leave an lasting impression in the minds of the reader.

For people who seek inspirational quotes and motivational sayings, these are worthy enough to be etched in the mind or tattooed in the hearts forever.

  • Good comes to better, and better to bad.
  • Good blood will never lie.
  • Good advice is as good as an eye in the hand.
  • Golden bishop, wooden crosier; wooden bishop, golden crosier.
  • God’s work is soon done.
  • God visits us, but most of the time we are not at home.
  • Good morrow spectacles, farewell lasses.
  • God save you from a man who has but one business.
  • Good repute is better than a golden belt.
  • God puts a good root in the little pig’s way.
  • God made hands before knives.
  • God knows who is a good pilgrim.
  • God is on the side of the strongest battalions.
  • God helps three sorts of people: fools, children and drunkards.
  • He that would keep his house clean must not let priest or pigeon into it.
  • God and man think him a fool who brags of his of his own great wisdom.
  • Gluttony has killed more than the sword.
  • God saves the moon from the wolves.
  • Great boasters, little doers.
  • Handsomely asked, handsomely refused.
  • Half the truth is often a whole lie.
  • Half figs, half raisins.
  • Greater qualities are needed to bear good fortune than bad.
  • Great thieves always have their sleeves full of gags.
  • Great talkers, little doers.
  • Great talkers are not great doers.
  • Great disputing repels truth.
  • Give me the rhubarb and you may take the senna.
  • Grease a churl’s boots and he’ll say you are burning them.

2,270+ French Proverbs, French Phrases & French Quotes