Fritz Zwicky Quotes – I have a good idea every two years. Give me a topic, I will give you the idea!

I have a good idea every two years. Give me a topic, I will give you the idea!
(Fritz Zwicky – Swiss Scientist)

14-Feb-1898 : 08-Feb-1974

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The Best Tips Ever!

Money Saving Tips: Let time pass by.
Whenever you find yourself longing to purchase something new, such as a new gadget, a new pair of pants, or a new pair of shoes, you should let a couple of weeks pass by, before making up your mind about it. In most cases, you can find yourself losing the urge to buy the item that you want, especially if you really don’t need it.

Health Tips: Eat more fish
White fish is low in fat and oily fish has high omega 3-fatty acids. Fish oil or the omega 3-fatty acids are unsaturated oil that cannot be found in other food sources. It will help the body combat cholesterol and will help maintain a healthy heart function.

Boost Your Productivity Tips: Practice saying “No."
Guard your energy and focus closely. Saying "no" is an essential part of the productivity equation. Even when opportunities come, keep in mind that they might be distractions from the work you have at hand.

Money Saving Tips: The lottery.
If you are fond of playing the lottery, you should seriously think about your odds of winning it. There is very less likelihood that you would hit the jackpot in the lottery, and each time you play it, you are actually spending more cash. Thus, if you simply want to be entertained, then you should consider playing at a casino, since the cost is pretty much the same, the odds would be better, and it can provide you with more entertainment.

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