Fritz Zwicky Quotes – I have a good idea every two years. Give me a topic, I will give you the idea!

I have a good idea every two years. Give me a topic, I will give you the idea!
(Fritz Zwicky – Swiss Scientist)

14-Feb-1898 : 08-Feb-1974

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The Best Tips Ever!

Money Saving Tips: Car rental insurance.
If a car rental company offers you an add on car rental insurance, you should stop for a moment, and think about your own auto insurance. Most auto insurance companies today provide policies, where your auto insurance coverage would also apply to your rental car. Thus, if this is the case, then you should decline the offer. However, it is still best to call your insurance provider for that, just to make sure.

Health Tips: Be conscious of what you are drinking
Sodas, coffee, energy drink and alcohol drinks contain a lot of calories. It concentrates more on making your belly fats bigger. When you feel thirsty, the cheapest and most helpful for your body is to grab a glass of water or diluted freshly squeezed juice instead.

Boost Your Productivity Tips: Define Roles And Divide Work
If you are heading a team, define distinct roles for each member on your team and divide work accordingly as well. There are some people who will want to do everything. With clearly defined roles, everyone on your team is clear on who should do what. In this way, your team will be more productive and tasks get completed faster as well.

Health Tips: If possible, wear an ID bracelet that indicates your allergy
This will help other people know what triggers your allergic reactions in cases of emergency. You may also consider telling your family members, officemates and friends about your allergies before going to a buffet. In this case, they can alert you of the food you should not take.

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