Getting the Motivation to Lose Weight and Staying Motivated

You can’t afford to wait forever to become motivated. Just like quitting smoking you require the willpower to say “I can do this, let’s do it now”. You’ve taken the time to seek out information to your problem now you need to say I’m going to find a way to do this. The longer you wait the worse your problem becomes and the harder it is to overcome it. You run the risk of heart attack, and just plain struggling to exercise because of the weight on your muscles and bones.

There is no pill or diet that can help you if you can’t find the willpower and determination to stick to the plan. Saying “I can do this, I’ve seen other people do this, they’re no better than me” can give you the willpower to keep going when you feel ready to give up.

One of the strangest phenomenon is if you commit to taking a quick walk everyday you might find yourself enjoying it more and more every day. It’s only the thought of doing it which seems so tough. Once you’re out there in the open air, or doing your preferred exercise, you find yourself wanting to take ten minutes more to enjoy it.

Maybe you’ve already tried all of this before and it hasn’t worked out. Well ok, time to analyze why that might be. You won’t be able to succeed this time if you don’t highlight why it didn’t work in the past and correct the problem. One of the key things to remember is you’re not superhuman, you have to make small changes not suddenly change to a diet or workout that there is no way you can realistically stick to. This is a common problem at the beginning when you’re excited, but you need to stay motivated to lose weight permanently and that generally means not taking on too much at one time.

A good idea is to find someone in a similar position to you to help you stay track. If you think about failing then you’ll have justify any excuses with your friend, which will be harder than just saying “oh well, why not” to yourself. You can work towards a written weight loss goal and keep it in check with the help of another pair of eyes.

And don’t forget that a simple change you can make is to drink more water. It certainly won’t hurt and can in fact help you to lose more weight. Obviously you’ll need more water to support your new exercise routine but also when you feel hungry if you drink water instead it can help make you feel less hungry and it gives you something to do with your hands.

Source by Philip Mayers

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