How to Deal With Motivation Issues


Even though the seasons over I have already started brainstorming how I am going to be able to reset myself before next season. Taking time off before competing, but still training with friends and in a comfortable environment is something I feel will really help me. I plan on competing at track and field meets back in my home town. I have had nothing but positive experiences at my home track. This alone is something that will help re-build my confidence, along with training with a coach that listens to me and knows the training that I need in order to show my best.


Being able to run knowing that I am not being judged and paid off of my performances is enough to build my intrinsic motivation up.Having your life being dictated by extrinsic motivation when it comes to performing a professional sport or in a college level can normally leave you feeling as though you have a job, and a certain level that you must live up too. Once you fallen into a routine of extrinsic behavior it is hard to go back to participating in a sport just for the love of it again.


I always wanted to be an Olympic athlete, a college athlete, and now I can say that my dreams have been restored because of the many ways to change this extrinsic motivation into an intrinsic one. It is great to understand how the mind and body connect in this manner. The mind is a powerful thing and can easily affect an athletes performances. If you are able to control intrinsic levels of motivation and be able to control your performance based off this then you are ahead of the curve. Extrinsic motivation can dictate and ruin some athletes careers, make a change and save your dreams, maybe competing in the Olympics is an achievable goal, if you choose to make that choice.

Source by Carolina White

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