How To Develop The Motivation Of A Champion

Are there days when you just don't have the strength to go another day? Got a burning desire to do something that you've always wanted to do but can't seem to conjure up the motivation of a champion?

Motivation is simply a feeling of enthusiasm, interest or commitment that makes someone want to do something. You may not always know what to do or which turn to make. Sometimes you won't even know where to begin. You only know what you want your end result to be and how it's going to feel when you get there. So, in pursuit of your goals however, along the way you might experience rejection or criticism by your peers.

During one of my non-motivated episodes, I felt my job was literally consuming all my time. Adding insult to injury when confronted about pay raises, my employer stated, "times were hard" and there were no salary increases on the horizon for anyone (maybe except for him). The old saying, "go to school, get a good job and then retire" stuck with me all these years. Never once had I considered thinking outside the box. However, at this point in my life, I no longer wanted to give my employer that much control over my finances. I had to do something to create additional income.

Motivation can come from deep within and / or external sources. My "ahaa" moment came one day when my employer announced he was going to play golf … in the middle of the day! Funny thing … he had passed my desk many times before and made that same announcement, but THAT day, the bells and whistles went off and I had enough of making him rich! I decided I wanted to do the things that made me happy in the middle of the day and be in full control of my finances.

Some people feel being an employee is the easy route. All you have to do is show up for work and get a paycheck at the end of each pay period. Little do people realize that if they knock on the door of opportunity long enough and hard enough, somebody is going to answer. The question is do you have the stamina to be persistent? Nothing good ever comes without hard work and sacrifice. We need to understand that we are always more powerful than the circumstances that surround us. We should acknowledge momentary defeats, hard times or losses not as a permanent condition, but as a learning process.

The thought of having your own business can be frightening for some. We have been conditioned to "go to work and get a paycheck." Easy, but uncertain! Being employed nowadays is no more secure than owning your own business … easy, but uncertain. No one's job is guaranteed anymore and we all are one paycheck away from the unemployment line. It's important to think about a plan B.

Many of us miss out on opportunities by giving up too early in our struggle for whatever it is we desire. Our biggest challenge is overcoming self-defeating thoughts. If you fail to reach your goal, ask yourself how long did you try and what did you learn from that experience? There is a lesson in every set back. You just have to take time to figure it out. When you devote time and energy to study everything about the challenges you face, you can accomplish nearly anything you set out to do.

Dare to dream. You can develop the motivation to be a champion and make money doing something you actually enjoy! We all have the potential for achieving greatness if we take life head on. Live it passionately, enthusiastically and courageously! Don't let anyone steal your thunder. Trust your instincts and watch your journey unfold.

Source by Ieishah N Cover-Edwards

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