How to Find Motivation to Study for the ADC Exam

The Australian Dental Council Exam is not easy. I’m not going to tell you here that it is because I’d be lying. The truth is that you’ll have to put in a lot of hours and effort if you want to succeed.

One of the problems a lot of people have is losing the motivation to stay on the right track; finding the strength to follow a rigid plan over and over again, day after day. I must admit, it gets really difficult when you’re several weeks through your study, and every time you look at your planner it just seems that is going to be impossible to reach your goal.

To make this worse, the ADC makes it really hard for candidates to get information from them; they’re specialists in being utterly secretive and unhelpful, therefore contributing to your losing of motivation.

Underline that word and highlight it. Motivation is the keyword here. This is what will keep you focused on your goal. My opinion, based on my experience, is that if you stay motivated, studying for your exam will be more bearable (I don’t risk saying enjoyable because, at least for me, it wasn’t enjoyable at all).

I want to give you some motivation tips that helped me when I was going through all this:

1. Break your ultimate goal into smaller goals. For example, in a particular week, study only orthodontics and nothing else. Focus on small bits.

2. I’ve said this many a time. It’s my goal to make it your mantra. Get a study partner. It’ll help you keep track of your progress.

3. Be aware of the following: at some point – sometimes often – you’ll want to quit. I want you to picture this image in your head and every time you feel you’re losing enthusiasm put it down somewhere (your iPhone or a piece of paper). The key is identifying when these urges appear and come up with a tactic to eradicate them. My strategy was to go out for a 10-minute walk to clear my head.

4. DO NOT skip two days in a row. If you’re not feeling like studying one day, well that’s fine, give yourself a break, but never two days in a row. This exam requires dedication.

5. Think positive. Be conscious about what you think and tell yourself. We talk a lot to ourselves. If you hear negative stuff, stop it and replace it with positive thoughts. Make use of all these tips and try to stay positive while you study. That’s all that really matters.

Good luck with your studies.

Source by Barney Cousteau

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