How to Improve Self Motivation

Motivation refers to being keen to achieve something. All achievers have been able to overcome great challenges. You can't be an achiever if you do not conquer the obstacles in your way. As a matter of fact it is either you conquer your obstacles or they will conquer you. You can't be an achiever without motivation.

Sometimes you derive motivation from others but most of the time you need to motivate yourself. The motivation you get from others may be useless if you do not have self drive to motivate yourself. Motivation starts from within you. People like Abraham Lincoln were able to rise to greatness because they had an internal drive to achieve (Internal Motivation).

Life is always full of ups & downs but it is the ability to remain up when you are going through a down that helps you to sail through the hurdles of life. So how do you nurture internal motivation?

1. Appreciate who you are. When passing through a depression in life you may get the awkward feeling of less importance. I always get this feeling when I have underperformed in a paper. Failure, disappointment & frustration may trigger you to stop appreciating the great things that you achieved in the past. I don't think there is anyone who has no positives so when you are down always program yourself to remember the good things you did.

2. Know yourself. You can't appreciate yourself if you don't know yourself. Know your abilities, disabilities, talents, strengths & weaknesses. If you know yourself you will be able to tap into strengths & abilities to mitigate your weaknesses.

3. Develop a short memory bad experiences. Forget the terrible things you have in your past. The past has passed so you move forward or it will pass with you.

4. Keep the memories of the positive things. This doesn't mean that you always go in a trance. Remember the positives and overcome the negatives.

5. Be patient. They say tough times don't last but it is tough people who do. The tough time may seem to last but it doesn't last forever.

6. Always encourage others. When you encourage a friend who is down you also encourage yourself without noticing. When you give someone encouraging words you are giving yourself the same encouraging words.

7. Keep good company. Do not have friends who are negative. You may get demotivated immediately you motivate yourself. Friendship is not a must but you are given a choice therefore wrong company brings wrong motive.

8. Set for yourself realistic targets. Do not strive to achieve what you do not have the resource or ability to achieve. Unrealistic targets are a good way to discourage yourself.

There are many other ways to encourage yourself that you will discover through experience. Always find custom methods to motivate yourself. You understand yourself better than any one hence you have the ability to know exactly how to motivate yourself.

Source by Austin Saisi

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