How to Motivate Yourself

If you do not have a boss looking over your shoulder, then you will have to motivate yourself to work hard. This may not be easy at first, but once you get going and you begin to see positive results from your work, it will be second nature to you.

But suddenless, there are several different ways in which you can motivate yourself and keep yourself motivated.

Write Down Your Dreams

One way to keep yourself going is to write down your dreams and keep the list in a spot where you will see it everyday. You can post pictures, notes and reminders all through your house to constantly remind you of your dreams and goals.

Meditate on Your Dreams

Whenever you have a moment you should meditate on your dreams. You should picture yourself in the position you want to be once your dreams have come true. If your dream is to live in a nice house, then you should picture yourself living in that house. If your dream is to go on vacation, pretend that you are working on a sandy beach, or on the balcony of a 5 star hotel.

Meditating on your dreams as well as your goals will also help you to stay focused on what you need to do.

Make a List

Make a list of tasks which you will need to complete in order to make your dreams come true. Then as you complete each task, you can cross it off. You will be amazed at how much it motivates you when you can cross off an accomplishment. Therefore the more you accomplish the more you will be motivated to accomplish even more!

By making a list and keeping the old lists you can also go back periodically and see how much you have accomplished. This way you will not be as overwhelmed when you look at the long list of things which you still need to do.

Stay focused

Many like to multi-task, because they think they are more productive that way, but studies have shown that you get more done if you stay focused on one task until it is done.

It is okay to take on several different projects at once, but you should keep your tasks organized so that you can stay focused. Staying focused will also help you to achieve your goals faster.

When you come to the point where you do not feel like working, just remind yourself of where you want to be, and how good it will be, and before you know it, you will have found a new serge of energy to get the job done.

Source by Helen Reimer

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