How to Use Haters As Motivation?

First, let's analyze the goals of a hater. The objectives of negative individuals are not to see you succeed. They're there to deter you from excelling at an activity. They accomplish this by always making you feel inferior and teasing down your hopes and dreams. How can you not allow these individuals to stop your growth? You have to start using them as your motivation.

Why do people have to be so negative? When people feel poorly about themselves they want to tear you down. Sometimes it does not necessarily have anything to do with you. They may not be having a good day or maybe they are not where they want to be in life. Tearing you down makes them feel better about themselves and their situation. If you succeed, then this will serve as a constant reminder of their shortcomings. Therefore, tear you down is necessary for them to feel better. Do not let them project their insecurities on you. That's their problem, not yours. So do not take it personal. Just keep trying to be the successful person you were born to be.

Why is it so important to use haters as your motivation? You are channeling their negativity into positivity. I have always loved the quote, "The moment you believe you will fail, you have already lost the battle." Negative people can only stop you from succeeding if you start to believe them. This is why believing in yourself is so important. Whenever you hear negative words from others, I want you to replace them with positive ones. When you hear someone say you can not, replace these words with I can. When someone tells you what you will not do, tell them what you will do. Constantly speaking these positive affirmations to yourself will help you accomplish any goal. Just like you can speak success into existence, you can speak failure into your life.

Next, try to prove negative individuals wrong. With every goal you reach, you are one step closer to provoking them wrong. With every stride or accomplishment, it will serve as validation that you can accomplish anything you put your mind on. This will also serve as an incentive. Imagine how good it will feel to look those in the eyes who praised you and to say I win. As the old adage goes the best revenge is to succeed.

So there you have it. The secret of how to use haters as your motivation is in your thoughts. Words are very powerful, especially the ones we allow to enter our minds. If we do not change the negative words into positive ones we are destined for failure. Let your haters motivate you. Thanks for reading.

Source by Bianca Frazier

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