Is How to Find Motivation the Right Question?

A question I've been seeing around a lot lately is, how do I get motivated? Now wanting to be motivated is great but motivation comes from passion. Asking how to get motivated without a subject to be motivated about, is like picking a spread before you've decided on what kind of bread you want. It has no purpose, unless .. you really like Peanut Butter of course ..

So before you get motivated you need a cause or some solid subject matter to go for. For an example sake, lets say you really want to be a Professional Blogger. OK so you can't become this overnight, so your first step is to create some simple milestones !

By creating milestones it makes your accomplishment less of a dot in the horizon and more like rungs on a ladder, things you have to pass by in order to get to the top.

Now that you have all your middle steps and the subject you're looking forward to, staying on track is when motivation comes in handy! So how do you find motivation? Well this depends greatly on person to person but lets return to the case of a Professional Blogger and see what they could do.

Follow Other that already do what you want to do . This is so important, if someone is the best in their field, they're most likely doing or have done the right thing to get there, so take their advice! Study what they do and try copying it. If you're dream was to be a Professional Blogger, find some blogs that look amazing and pop out regular content and start following them. Perhaps study the way they format and write their articles, this phase is all about the research.

Another way some people build motivation is to Read stories of those who have succeeded before you . You can get a lot of inspiration through motivating stories. Find the stories that line up similar to your life even. If you think you're an underdog and you have no skills starting out, find the story of the homeless man who became a wealthy blogger. In every field there is an underdog story, where someone started out with nothing and built to something great, it's vital to remember that.

Once you've done your research and familiar with some inspiring stories of those before you, make it real . What happens if you leave something sit untouched and uncared for, it starts to get forgotten. Forgotten for it's worth and importance, you don't want this to happen with your dream you're trying to follow. The sooner you embark on it, the more real your idea can seem and the closer you'll be to completing some of those milestones to reach your end goal.

Motivation is vitally important to the success in our lives and staying focused on our dreams and remember to finally, believe in your company, goals, idea or whatever it may be you're aiming for. No one will be able to convince you, you can do it, better than you. Remember that before anyone else believes you can do it, you have to believe in yourself.

Source by Chris Vanek

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