Materials, Motivation and Memorization Key to Learning a New Language

When it comes to learning a language many of us do not know where to start. There are so many books and courses out there and it may be hard to pick one that might work the best for us. The best thing to do is to get a good book that teaches you the grammar of the language, the second thing to do it get another book that has vocabulary to memorize, then get audio courses because you need to listen to how words in a new language are pronounced.

Besides just the materials you will need, what is needed the most if the love and motivation to learn the language you want. If there is no motivation then there will be no drive to continue, so pick a language you really like and get yourself to surround yourself to hear it as much as you can. The best way to motivate you to learn it or to keep going is to listen to music in that language, a beautiful song, then you will want to know what they are singing about what each sound means.

Watch films in this language with the hope of one day not to need English subtitles to understand what they are saying. With motivation now you have a whole new language to memorize. What is good to do is start with verbs in many languages ??verbs need to be conjugated, for example in Italian the verb to "Understand" is "Capire". Now To say "I do not under stand" in Italian you do not say "Io (I) non (do not) Capire (understand)", "Capire" according to the personal pronoun changed form. For example lets conjugate CAPIRE right now, I understand (Io capisco), You understand (Tu capisci), She / He understands (Lei / Lui capisce), We understand (Noi capiamo), You (all) understand (Voi capite), They understand (Loro capiscono). So now you see why it would not make since to say "Io non capire", the correct way is "Io non capisco". Then it is good go learn nouns, because just knowing how to say actions will not help much in speaking or understanding a new language.

What I personally do is in flash cards I write down all the verbs Like CAPIRE in one side then all its conjugations on the other, then I just memorize them all day long or once a day every day until you just know them by heart, in one day depending on how your memory is I would say learn at least 5 verbs with their conjugations then the next keep going, same goes for nouns. Its all about memorization because just looking at the word once or hearing it will not make it stay long term. You also need to speak it out load, talk to yourself or someone who already speaks it, even if you only know a few words. Eventually this strengthens your memory making new word memorization easier as you go along.

Source by Cristian J Ballack

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