Motivation – 10 Tips On Self Motivation

Motivation is not automatic. You have to have things that drive you. Your ability, skill or whatever you do is a vehicle and motivation is the driver that will take you to another place. What drives you? I share ten tips on the subject of motivation.

1.Your greatest triumph comes from your greatest challenge, therefore you must be fired up to overcome the challenge because therein lies your turnaround, your breakthrough or even your destiny. David's promotion lay in his defeating Goliath, therefore he had to summon his courage to step up to the plate and conquer the giant.
2.An urgency to see certain things that have never occurred before will cause you to "burn the midnight oil", while others are asleep because you are determined to pioneer something. How desperate are you?
3. Relentless pursuit of an uncommon goal and desire will activate the creative juices in you in order for you to see the full manifestation of that thing you have been holding constant in your mind. You must be persistent
4. A positive outlook will move you from the "prison to palace", as the story of Joseph in Egypt teaches us. He never looked back or backed down. Joseph focused on the big picture, that is his dream, and that kept him motivated and encouraged.
5. A mind that is made up causes one to lose all double – mindedness. When you decide to go crossover, to take over, burn the bridges and leave no room for backsliding and that will motivate you to do whatever it takes because you do not have a fall – back plan
6. Limiting and negative attitudes will de-motivate you, it is time to eliminate these because they will pull you backwards.
7. If your pain does not push you to do things differently, it is an ache you can live with. The memories of the past failures should not torment you, but instead should be used to drive you further.
8. Vision is necessary if you are going to be self – motivated. It goes beyond your current situation and sees what others do not see. Nurture your vision and let it guide you in spite of the obstacles in your way
9.Recognize all the uncommon investment that has gone into you from the time you were a baby until now. Remind yourself that there must be a return on investment on all that wisdom, teaching, preaching, prayers that you have received. Make it count for something.
10. Do not be a person that procrastinates or makes excuses. You may excuse yourself today, but your future will not excuse you.

People that leave a legacy are moved, motivated and inspired by the fact that they hold a position that will influence future generations, grandchildren that will come out of them. What they do now determines whether blessings or a curse will follow long after they are gone. I choose to be a conduit that transmits generational blessing. Therefore I am motivated to unleash all my potential.

Source by Fitzgerald Mujuru

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