Motivation and Change – A Moving Combination

Have you ever heard the phrase, you aren't lost, you are right here ? What about, no matter where you go, there you are ? Often we hear these words on a road trip when we have no clue where we are and think we're off course. Really, this can apply to anything in our lives.

It's actually a comforting concept. To know that we are never truly lost because we are always somewhere implies that we can move in some direction. As long as we are in a 'place', we can move.

Let's consider this in terms of moving away from a job we don't like or a desire to just head into a new, more fulfilling career. Both have their inspirations. Both have their reasons to move.

Often people have used the idea of ??"moving" as a means of getting away. They think, maybe if they go to a different job, the problems they had on the last one won't follow them. But it tends to anyway.

Moving isn't about running-away, though it's often considered as such. A healthy journey starts from this point, forward. If there are issues, or baggage, weighing you down on your travels, perhaps it's best to clear them so your new journey may be lighter and more adventurous rather than merely a rerun.

So, assuming that you are clear for the journey, there tends to be two key concepts which will propel us along the road. One concept is more voluntary and the other is, well, just a part of nature.

The voluntary concept is motivation . Motivation is the force which fuels us to actually act and head into some particular direction. It's like stopping at a gas station in that the petro is there, we just need to get out and pump it into the vehicle. The idea of ??motivation uses the gas to move and the act of pumping the gas to help us to see we want to keep moving.

The natural force is changing itself. Change sort of pushes us to move, whether we want to or not. –Usually, not. Though often times we find that by moving, we can find the different place where we wind up, maybe even just a little better.

Combine the forces of motivation with the natural force of change and we give ourselves a bit more in control over the direction we end up going and the potential ending-place. That's a pretty powerful combination at work for us from the point of wherever we are, right now.

Source by EJ Frank

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