Motivation for Fitness Beginners

Motivation for beginners – Getting it all done.

Have you ever thought of yourself standing on a beach and then turning all heads around you ?? Have you ever thought of wearing a tight fitting shirt and then feeling very pleased with yourself to wear it because it fits you perfect ?? If not then this article is not for you, you may try reading the other sections. If yes then this is a must read for you. And I assure you, that spending your time reading this page is definitely worth your time. I am hoping that you guys would be pretty well pumped up after reading this.

What do you think is motivation ?? It's basically a driving force which arises within you and which helps you tremendously to achieve your goals. Now this definition can differ from person to person. A lazy potato couch might define motivation in terms of junkies like crunchies, potato chips, soft drinks etc. On the other hand an industrious person might define it in a better manner saying that it is that force which keeps you going in your quest for success. But then there is only one winner and that is the industrious person. That's because success never comes easy, it always comes along with hard, hard and hard work !! There are a few things in everyone's life that a human being tags as their most prized possessions. I believe the most prized possession that we all have till date is nothing other than our very own human body! The human body is the mastermind behind all success stories of elegant personalities. This might sound a bit weird / different to some (whatever you choose to call it) but its fact! I have always believed that if you have to succeed in life then you should always start with taking care of his / her body.

Get up early, wake up fresh and look at yourself in the mirror. Then you have to ask yourself "Am I really somebody in this life ?? Have I achieved enough greatness to inspire people ?? Do I have that burning desire in me to make it big ??"

Exercising was never so much in trend as much as now. Today it's a real pleasure to see teenagers going to gyms and pumping hard despite having very busy schedules. That's what I call true "DEDICATION". Because that outlines your attitude towards your own body. Such people "LEAD". They aspire to become true leaders in life.

Why bodybuilding ??

I hear nerds telling me "Bodybuilding isn't rocket science". True. It isn't for the faint-hearted either. Like it is said in the bodybuilding circles "It's not a sport, it's a life style". And it truly is a life style. Bodybuilding is a full time job, you can't just finish off your workouts and call it a day. You are never really "DONE". You have to be focussed on your goals and keep awareness about your body. Hard work always has its results. Always. It may not be soon, it may not be next month either but it will happen. "PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE" – That's the key. Bodybuilding brings about discipline in your life which helps you organize yourself and behave in a certain manner. Not only do you get tough physically but you also get tough mentally.

Apart from this, regular exercising keep you fit and fine but it also boosts a lot of self confidence but it also inculcates a lot of self respect in yourself. If you do not have self-respect for yourself, if you do not have respect for your decisions in life, then it's almost a cinch that you will never make it to that landmark which you have always dreamt about all your life. Remember it's you and only you who can change your life and make it a better one. People around you can only guide you or at the most warn you about the adversities that you might face in your life. The rest lies in your own hands, in your very own hands … You might choose to end everything right here or you might choose to start and create a new history. The choice is always yours; it always has been that way. You might be lying in your bed warming your back while you know you are going to miss your workout if you do not get up instantly.

Even then you choose slumber over sweat. People often ask me, "What's going to happen if I miss my workout for one day ?? One day is not going to kill me !!" But you know one day missed out of practice takes one day longer to get better !! So people don't procrastinate! Procrastination is one of our favorite passions which are quite definitely an ignominy !! Focusing on your fitness goals is very important and you should never ever lose focus, no matter what happens !!! Don't stop, doesn't stop … Go on! One more rep, one more rep and then another one and then another one till you can't do another! You are wholly responsible for taking care of yourself so do be a responsible man and take care of yourself. Just like Sir Abraham Lincoln said "If you try 99 times and fail 99 times, you ought to get up and try once again for the 100th time..That's what makes you a real man !!" Always remember that great things were never accomplished easily … All great deeds require a great deal of hard work and a lot of perseverance …

Am I too old to start training ??

Age – This one word has become an excuse for too many now. When I advise elderly people to start building, I usually get the same dull answer "I guess I can't do this. I am too old to." But that's what he thinks. Nothing can be standing as an obstruction in your mind when it comes to chasing a goal. You have to look through them. You have to visualize the person you are trying to become. Only cowards try to hide their faces when it comes to applying themselves in some real life situation. So I guess you got to choose which category you belong to. You are never too old not to start off. You can start anytime, anywhere. You're "WILL" and not your "age" decides who you would become. So before its too late and your fears of staggering with a stick becomes a reality, pick yourself and get to the gym. After you see those results in the mirror, you will surely be thanking yourself for all those troubles you had to go through. People have made it through several kinds of difficulties in their lives. There are endless obstacles in my own life too. And I do admit that I get drifted away at times, but I soon dust myself up and get back to work on track. You should know where you belong, what you are chasing, who you want to be. Go on, and believe in your track of life. Belief is all you need to succeed.


Quoting Sylvester Stallone, one of the greatest machismo icons of the world of all times- "It aint about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward !! That's how winning is done !! " So people if you want it, you have to be willing to take it! Nothing in life comes easy, nothing at all !! Your attitude is what determines your future and never your dad's bank account or your backdrop or your family social heritage !! Let nothing come in your way of success! Work, work and work incessantly and make it all happen just like the way you wanted it to be !!! Go, get out in the open, fight with your life, and live the life of your dreams! You are all destined to be great … Have faith !!! Have faith !!

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Date: 23RD October 2012.

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