Motivation For Golfers

Motivation for the game of Golf is self-motivating. You cannot force someone to play Golf better merely by telling them to. There are three observations that can help motivate a player to do his or her best.

First, the only one who can motivate you is yourself. Although true, this reality doesn’t stop you from being influenced from someone else. Take for instance the analogy of sport coaches or mentors. They may not be able to play the game well but they can teach skills and develop strategies and tactics enabling players to succeed when playing Golf.

Second, coaches can and do provide rewards goals and incentives which can drive you to excel with your game. A smart coach recognizes each individual’s uniqueness to accomplish these expectations. They can provide excellent guidance to maintain your focus.

Third, according to psychologist Frederick Herzberg’s theory of Motivation, two factors are discussed. The maintenance or hygiene factor which includes economics, social needs, playing conditions and status are stated. Herzberg defines that a fair level of these factors will disperse dissatisfactions but do not create a motivational playing environment. The player must perceive this on his own.

Feelings of personal accomplishment occur when set goals are met and exceeded, or even come close to amid difficult circumstances. Recognition of achievement and savoring this achievement can commiserate self-motivation.

Golf can be very frustrating. Many Golfers never experience controlling their game, but in time with the right approach, can enjoy satisfaction of doing their best.

Source by Tony DiPietro

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