Motivation For You When You Are Full-Time Employee and a Part-Time Student

Sitting still is one of one the greatest enemy of human race. You immediately become 'obsoleste' the moment you stop learning. Although learning can be done in any form (formal and informal), our system (employers) today tend to favor the formal learning more. This is why many people combine formal education with work.

Students holding full-time employment (job) can be particularly prone to sudden loss of motivation. Sometimes, its just too much for them. Most students say is like diving to swim an ocean trying to focus when studying or while in the class after having a tiring day at work. Some even find it difficult to be wake.

To this end, most people get angry with themselves and decide to burst it all. (is this the best approach?). Below are some useful tips to keep you motivated and healthy while working and studying for advancement of knowledge.

The first thing you need to do is to have is a 'successful person in your chosen career as a role model. There are benefits that people who have made it to the top of your chosen career enjoy that will act as a propeller to your desire to achieve success in your studies. Try comparing the temporary obstacles you are facing now and the intense benefits that your role model enjoy. Consider having one from your office if there is any.

Another way of coping with your exams while working full-time is to build your confidence: Everyone has the ability to make clearer changes for the better. Confident people are well motivated people and they have high energy levels and an exciting internal dialogue that unmotivated people do not have. They also hold themselves differently – they sit upright and wide-eyed, move easily and breath fully. Change is the only thing that is constant, we can all change. Gradually build your confidence and see your energy level exponentially go up.

You can also use flashback to get yourself motivated into study: Think of one or two times when you were motivated. Re-visit those occasions mentally. Physical pictures can motivate but the ones created and visualized in our mind's eyes are more appealing and more stimulating. Use this technique to always begin your studies and other difficult tasks of yours. You will likely find out that this mental picture of yours will no longer be in an isolated place but will permanently stay in you.

Another good way of getting yourself motivated is to 'think on the opposite side' (ie thinking of ways to help add value to your company). When this is done, you find out that you will be the one to finally gain in the long run.This may sound absurd to some people but the troth remains that you get all you want while trying to help others. Think of it this way; you study to add value to whatever work you are doing. By so doing, you are helping organization grow. Your employer employed you probably because of the promises you made in your CV, that you will work and leave in order to enhance the value of the company. Make keeping this promise of yours a motivating factor – unless you are the type that do not value reputation and integrity- but am sure you are not, else you will not be reading this.

Lastly, try distracting yourself a little: May be I should not use the word 'distract' but pardon me for that. All work and no play not only make jack a dull boy but also kills jack. When you find yourself sitting for about twenty minutes without making any headway. Maybe due to tiredness, just close the book and take your attention to something pleasant to help revive you or better still, go to bed.

Before I leaf you, take this last word; Get motivated, stay motivated and enjoy all the good things of life

Source by Chinweike Okwuduche

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