Motivation is a Myth?

Have you ever tried to self-motivate yourself to start a new job? You tried to do all sorts of "tricks" but nothing has changed? Except that you may have felt guilty that you lose no more time to accomplish anything.

If you find yourself in this experience, you are not the only one. We've gone through such a situation, at least once … if not several times throughout our life. And, like others, you discovered it was in vain to expect a wave of motivation to get you on top.

So you ask yourself what is the secret of motivating? The secret is …

Well, there's no secret. Motivation is not some external force that can be started or stopped on command. Is not some magical feeling that comes over you; you energize and propel you to action. And nor is there any pill that can be prescribed "when you need '. Accordingly, what is the motivation and where it comes from?

Motivation comes from your goals, and of your commitment to do whatever is necessary to achieve those goals. Objectives should not be charming or extraordinary. They can be achieved in the future, or tomorrow, or next week. They may come from a need … or a wish. No matter. What matters is that they are your goals. Things that really matters for you.

How does this work?

If you have a valuable set of goals for yourself, you need an action plan, a specific sequence of measured steps, by which to achieve them. Only then can you get from plan to action, anytime day or night, simply making that first step … once done, you will provide motivation to move to next step, and so on, step by step.

So, eventually, could be a secret reason. It is that actions generate feelings and emotions.

Create goals and plans that make sense in their achievement.

Then, take your commitment to act … to take the first step of the plan. You can extend your business by narrowing the focus.

One mistake that many entrepreneurs, managers and sales people do in their efforts to find new business opportunities and increase their customer base is to expand searches, instead they focus on a narrower area. Instead to encircle a specific market segment, they are expanding their searches to the prospect that barely approaching the ideal customer profile.

There are two requirements for implementing a niche market strategy. Obviously, should you define your market niche? With what customers are you in best relationships? What products they buy from you? And now comes the important question of why buy more products or pay the highest price? After you answer, you can identify the ideal profile prospectus, which defines the target which must follow and become the standard measure of quality potential prospect. And you could also work on the second requirement, which is to rephrase your message.

When you narrow target market, you can expect that you call the prospect that a significant number already use the products or services from your competitors. Your marketing message must differentiate yourself from those competitors by highlighting your specialty niche. Before they invest any minutes in a discussion with you, especially on the telephone or a meeting, prospects want to know "What is the value for me?" Your message should highlight brief prospectus will gain working with you and / or your company, respectively, will lose if he does not. Here are two examples:

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