Motivation – Law of Contribution, Part 1

Many people have herd of the Law of Attraction and its famous debt in the movie The Secret. But what is really interesting is how people can sustain the motivation required to habitually practice the techniques discussed in The Secret.

There are many laws in the universe, specific strategies that when implemented can manifest the result you desire in your life. But the fundamental law that can significantly impact your life the most is the Law of Contribution. People often wonder what is it, which sustains and replenishes motivation. What differentiates one person to another in terms of persistence? The number one factor which separates highly successful people to ordinary achievers is their ability to associate their independent dream to service. It is how they relate their quest for success to the amount of good it will produce in the world or community.

Anybody who has ever attained anything which was extraordinarily inspired has somewhat associated contribution to their dream. Any success story involves some sort of service to either family, community, or the world. Think about it. Who do you look up to as a role model? Who do you think is inspirational? Who do you think lives an extraordinary life? If you look deeper into the motive of these people you will find that they all believe in serving to a certain extend. Whether that is to be a role model, an example, to create financial assistance to the less fortunate, or to create some sort of product that will revolutionize the world. What ever that may be is not it serving others one way or another.

The truth is if you want to sustain motivation in order to achieve the dreams you wish to live, you must relate to the process as well as the end result. It is human nature to do more for others then that in which you would do for yourself. If you are motivated by your own personal benefit, there will not be times in which you will feel like giving up. When you tell yourself "I do not want this anymore" or "it's too hard" or "I do not need this really". But if you can associate service to what you want, what ever that might be, you will not push through the hard times. You will find a more empowering reason to achieve what it is you want. Because now it's not just for you it's for someone else. When you want to give up, you will realize that someone else might suffer from you not pursuing this.

That you might not be able to be inspirational, to show people what they can possible achieve by your example, to use what you have achieve to make the world a better place, to help somebody. Really you can associate contribution to anything cant you. As long as it is positively impacting people the law will exert its power. It will provide you with the required fuel to push through those hard times, to pursue those dreams relentlessly and to achieve your hearts desire. Remember everything in the universe contributes to something beyond itself. If you want the determination or drive to do what it takes, you need an empowering vision of how it will affect your family or community or the world.

Source by Kristian Hahndel

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