Self Motivation Test

If you want to know what exactly motivates you then there is an online self motivation test designed to see all the different sources that motivate you that primarily focus on your professional goals and desires. If you know your motivation then you will be able to choose the correct career for yourself, you will be able to develop your career in the proper way and even be able to motivate yourself to complete the tasks you do not like to do.

There are various factors that determine your success such as money the respect from your friends and also adventure. By completing this test you will be able to see what exactly motivates you and what you should actually do to achieve this success. There are 15 different sections in which motivation is divided into. Each category plays a role in your life.

The categories are power which is how much you like controlling other people, lifestyle which is do you need to have a comfortable lifestyle, creativity do you need a creative outlet, status do you hope to be on the higher end of society, respect is it important to you what other people think about your work.

Then there is stability which is how often do you want to change jobs, compensation is money your main motivator, location do you mind traveling far, intellectualism are you able to work on repetitive tasks, philanthropy are you eager to give back to the community, travel do you need adventure to travel?

The other categories are recognition do you want to be recognized by strangers, family is your family what motivates you, self-improvement how important it is for you to develop in your profession, and finally independence do you work better without a boss. When you have completed the self motivation test you will see your top motivational strengths and also your weaknesses.

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