Stefan Zweig Quotes – Now I am discovering the world once more. England has widened my horizon.

Now I am discovering the world once more. England has widened my horizon.
(Stefan Zweig – Austrian Writer)

28-Nov-1881 : 22-Feb-1942

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The Best Tips Ever!

Boost Your Productivity Tips: Outsource
Prioritize your time by eliminating the unnecessary tasks and outsourcing your weaknesses. In this way, your time and focus is directed to where you’ll make the biggest impact for your business.

Boost Your Productivity Tips: Cache Email
Make sure you can cache your e-mail because in this way, you can work on planes or in areas where you do not have an Internet connection.

Money Saving Tips: Choosing services you really need.
Each year, you should evaluate what services you really need and what services you don’t need. You should ask yourself whether you really need to have cable television, landline, magazine subscriptions, and such. Try to check which services you really need to have a decent way of living, and stick only with them. Drop the other ones you don’t need, so that you can save money.

Money Saving Tips: Rate reductions.
If you are carrying a balance in your card and it has been like that for quite some time, then try to negotiate for rate reductions. There is a good chance that your credit card company would agree to this. This is because they don’t want to risk more defaults, since it is bad for their business. They would rather ask lesser amounts of money from you, than suffer the consequences of more defaults.

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