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A Word on Motivation

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A few years ago, I got the chance to read a book called "100 Ways to Motivate Yourself," by Steve Chandler. The book gives brief insights on how to fuel your energy truck when it runs out of gas. I found the book utterly inspiring; it really helped me to find my way through what I call my bleak era, and got my back on the track. To be, reading this book was like a turning point in my life.

Anyway, I thought I should share a few notions and concepts discussed in the book, which I think had a tremendous role in my comeback to the real-life, if you know what I mean.

1 – Blow up your TV

Work and accomplishment need positive energy, and believe me you won't be able to recharge your positivity batteries watching television. The reason is abundantly clear; TV is filled with negative thoughts.
Answer me this: do you think you would ever make something worthy with your life watching other people live their lives? If you're serious about your life and your future, you better focus on stuff that brings positive energy and motivation to your live, and believe me television is not among those things.

2 – Lose your cool

Do you care what people think of you and your action? You won't live your life to the fullest until you don't. Trusting your abilities is a great source of motivation, and you won't ever feel confident if you make an account of what people think of you. Behave the way you think it reflect you, not the way people think of you. Motivate yourself by leaving coyness fear and hesitation behind you and gamble on your boldness, courage and abilities.

3 – Plan your work and manage your time

Thought leader and author Napoleon Hill once wrote that there is no better way to transform your setbacks into motivation than detailed and accurate work planning. As soon as the image of what you want becomes clear, elaborated, step-by-step planning becomes the next thing to do.

And here comes a problem: Most people think that they don't have time for daily or weekly planning. They simply don't know that one hour of daily planning save you a tremendous amount of work time during the week. In fact, super achievers consider that planning hour to be the most productive hour in their week.

Source by Hosam Allam

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Motivation – 10 Tips On Self Motivation

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Motivation is not automatic. You have to have things that drive you. Your ability, skill or whatever you do is a vehicle and motivation is the driver that will take you to another place. What drives you? I share ten tips on the subject of motivation.

1.Your greatest triumph comes from your greatest challenge, therefore you must be fired up to overcome the challenge because therein lies your turnaround, your breakthrough or even your destiny. David's promotion lay in his defeating Goliath, therefore he had to summon his courage to step up to the plate and conquer the giant.
2.An urgency to see certain things that have never occurred before will cause you to "burn the midnight oil", while others are asleep because you are determined to pioneer something. How desperate are you?
3. Relentless pursuit of an uncommon goal and desire will activate the creative juices in you in order for you to see the full manifestation of that thing you have been holding constant in your mind. You must be persistent
4. A positive outlook will move you from the "prison to palace", as the story of Joseph in Egypt teaches us. He never looked back or backed down. Joseph focused on the big picture, that is his dream, and that kept him motivated and encouraged.
5. A mind that is made up causes one to lose all double – mindedness. When you decide to go crossover, to take over, burn the bridges and leave no room for backsliding and that will motivate you to do whatever it takes because you do not have a fall – back plan
6. Limiting and negative attitudes will de-motivate you, it is time to eliminate these because they will pull you backwards.
7. If your pain does not push you to do things differently, it is an ache you can live with. The memories of the past failures should not torment you, but instead should be used to drive you further.
8. Vision is necessary if you are going to be self – motivated. It goes beyond your current situation and sees what others do not see. Nurture your vision and let it guide you in spite of the obstacles in your way
9.Recognize all the uncommon investment that has gone into you from the time you were a baby until now. Remind yourself that there must be a return on investment on all that wisdom, teaching, preaching, prayers that you have received. Make it count for something.
10. Do not be a person that procrastinates or makes excuses. You may excuse yourself today, but your future will not excuse you.

People that leave a legacy are moved, motivated and inspired by the fact that they hold a position that will influence future generations, grandchildren that will come out of them. What they do now determines whether blessings or a curse will follow long after they are gone. I choose to be a conduit that transmits generational blessing. Therefore I am motivated to unleash all my potential.

Source by Fitzgerald Mujuru

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Five Lessons On Motivation From A Visit To The Dentist

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Nothing gets done without motivation. Goals would not be achieved. Great achievements would be out of the question. We need motivation like we need air to breathe. We need regular motivation to keep us going when our inspiration and enthusiasm dwindle.

On the Tuesday before Christmas 2005, I learned five lessons about kick butt motivation from a visit to the dentist.

In the first place, I needed motivation to get to the surgery as my teeth were currently pain free. The motivation came from my sister who had developed a gap in her front teeth. I had to give her a lift there and could not, with honor, turn down a session with the hygienist and a check up with the dentist while I was there.

The first motivational lesson was, therefore, to put oneself in a situation where it would appear cowardly to turn down a challenge however painful it might be!

I saw the hygienist first while my sister had her teeth fixed. The hygienist does not believe in using the latest pain free lazer treatment for the removal of plaque.

Instead she uses the ancient instruments of torture that might have extracted the names of his fellow conspirators from Guy Fawkes. However, he was much tougher than me and they had to use the rack on him in the end.

I asked her if she had sent off all her Christmas cards. She had. Had she bought all her presents? She had not only bought them; she had wrapped them up! I, on the other hand, had not. What had motivated her to get all this done? Lists.

She loved making lists for everything. Here ends the second lesson. Make lists for everything you have to do and you are much more likely to be motivated to get them done. Your subconscious mind will also aid you in getting them done.

Enlightened, I moved on the dentist who was having a cup of black coffee. I asked if this was to remove his stress. He agreed that it was. While he sipped his coffee we went on to discuss my website on motivation.

I said that I had written some motivational books which could be found on my website mainly to motivate myself. He pointed out that his patients kept him motivated. He had to sort out their problems on a daily basis. Lesson three: deal with other living beings. They will keep you motivated by their needs and demands. Do not become a recluse.

He mentioned that he went to some kind of a fitness class to improve his fitness. He found gyms a waste of time. Training on his own did not work. He needed an environment in which other human beings would help him stay on track. Lesson four: become a member of a group of people who will encourage you to train properly and regularly.

I confessed that I had not done the flossing which I should have done to keep my gums in peak condition. Suddenly he thumped me on my right arm and said in a loud voice "DO IT". We both laughed. He explained that we all need another human being at times to tell us forcefully what we must do.

Lesson five, then, is to hire a mentor or life coach to give you clear and powerful guidance. A metaphorical or even literal punch or kick might just get you to take the action necessary to make progress in your life.

Failing that, as mentors can be expensive, give yourself a good kick up the butt every now and then by telling yourself things like: DO IT NOW! JUST DO IT! GET ON WITH IT! If necessary, bang your head against a wall.

My visit to the dentist then was well worth the pain and effort. My teeth are in good shape for all that food coming my way this Christmas and my knowledge of what motivates human beings has been confirmed by both the dentist and the hygienist. The five lessons that came up are well worth a second look.

Firstly, put yourself in a situation where you will be embarrassed not to meet the challenge. I once attended a seminar where attendees had to break an arrow with their throats. The sharp end was in our throats and the tail end was against a piece of wood. We had to take a bold step forward and break the arrow.

I was amazed to see my fellow attendees embrace the task even though some of them looked terrified. Some were young women who weighed little. I weighed about 18 stone and had been a martial artist for years. I thought the whole exercise was stupid as the arrow might well have killed someone.

However, I was shamed into going ahead with the exercise by the courage of these young women. I didn't really care too much at the time as my mother had died recently and I felt like joining her in the next life. The arrow broke easily. I asked if it was a real arrow. Apparently it was. The others were shocked by my scepticism!

Secondly, motivate yourself like my hygienist by making lists of what you have to do. These allow your subconscious mind to go to work on what you must do. Some would even argue that making lists links your mind with the energies of the universe which can help you perform miracles. You can also have fun ticking off the items on your list when you have completed them.

Thirdly, keep in touch with other human beings. They will motivate by their needs and problems. Even animals, like a cat, provide constant motivation to get up and feed them or let them out to take a leak.

Our neighbors 'cat, Lizzie, has taken up squatters' rights in our house and is the one creature on earth who can get my sister out of bed on a regular basis both night and day. Her miaows are ear piercing and highly motivating!

When I retired from teaching religious studies, I still kept on teaching my martial arts students. I realized, intuitively, that I still needed regular contact with other human beings.

They would keep me focused on teaching and improving my martial arts knowledge. They would help me take a break from my computer. People who retire and then lose contact with the world of work and regular contact with other human beings often die soon after their retirement.

Fourthly, join a class rather than trying to work on your own. My former girlfriend and I once joined a cartoon class. We rapidly made progress and were amazed at how easy it was to copy cartoons accurately.

However, we became arrogant and dropped out of the class thinking we no longer needed it. Our cartooning skill lapsed at once and we made no further progress. We could have progressed by working on our own but now lacked the motivation of the class environment.

Fifthly, hire a mentor to give you regular guidance. I have a web designer who sees me once a week at least. Without him, I would have given up on my dream of making money on the internet long ago.

However, if you cannot afford a mentor or teacher, get tough with yourself and demand regular daily effort from yourself. As you begin to succeed, your motivation will increase.

Source by John Watson

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Intention: The Powerful Tool for Massively Deepening Your Motivation So You Get Big Results

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Do you want to massively deepen your motivation, so you magnify your results in any class you take, any project you take on, any conversation you engage in?

Get crystal clear about your intention for doing whatever it is you do. Your big WHY.

Setting an intention is the most powerful way to laser-focus your attention, both consciously and unconsciously, so you achieve precisely what you most intend to achieve.

A clear intention helps you set priority, connect to the WHY that will propel you forward, so you make choices that serve you well. If you are clear on your intention, you are going to take on the projects that move you toward that intention, and release the rest. (If not, perhaps your intention needs to be focus).

Setting an intention for a day is a sure way to improve your attitude and results.

After all, as they say – if you don't know where you are going, you'll get there.

It's like coloring in a tiny circle right in the center of the target. It's been proven that the smaller you make the bulls-eye which you are aiming at, the closer you will come to hitting it.

Great! How do I DO this? you ask …

Sit quietly with this question: What is my intention, for who I want to be, or how I want to be different – coming out of this situation. As a result of taking this course, reading this article, connecting with this person?

I recommend that you come up with a single word that captures the essence of your intention.

Is it your intention to increase your level of confidence? Clarity? Peace? Congruence? Courage? Compassion?

Whatever it is that you most intend to step into being more of, state it clearly, and with conviction.

People often ask me, how do I choose one intention? I have several, and they are all important.

I really get that. How does one choose? And yet it is important to choose a single focus, and it's actually easier than you may think.

Start by "chunking up" as high as you can … what I mean by that, is on the list of everything that you want to feel, which of those essences are actually encapsulated within another even higher thought? And when you get to the pinnacle, what is the highest thought of all?

For me, I kind of always come back to love as the highest intention … it holds everything. And then, I ask myself – to get closer to love, what do I most need right now, in this moment?

Well, when I am in any kind of anxiety, I need peace. When I am struggling to get something done and holding myself back, often I need clarity – I'm just not clear on the next step, and when I have it I move forward. Or perhaps I need determination. Or compassion for myself. Or courage.

In any given moment, there really is one piece of the picture that's wobbly, that needs a bit of shoring up.

The lynch pin.

In this moment, what is the core challenge or block to you taking your very next step towards love – or whatever you state you highest intention?

What attribute would most serve you, to take that step?

What do you most need at this time, which will move you in the direction you want to be moving?

Don't make this too big a deal – just ask yourself, what would most help me, right now, today? Where am I struggling and what do I need right now that will help me release that struggle and move forward?

Know that when you get there, of course, you'll have a new challenge, a new need, and you will be able to set a new intention in THAT moment. This one is only for right here, right now.

Your clear intention is one of the most powerful tools you can use to keep centered so you can move forward powerfully, in peace.

Do you agree? Disagree? As always, if this has been useful, please let me know by leaving your comments !!

Source by Scout Wilkins

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How to Motivate Yourself When You Lose Your Motivation

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The ability to motivate yourself is very important. Let me say that again, your ability to motivate yourself is extremely important. There are days that I feel like I don't want to get up from my bed and I am sure that you've been through the same experience. Today is going to be the best day in your life because today you will learn how to regain your motivation back and start living your life again!

How do you know if you lose your motivation? Well the first obvious sign is things that you used to get exited about are no longer exciting to you anymore. It can be a car, a relationship, a job, a pet or anything. You feel tired, fatigue and bored. You get irritated easily.

As we get older, our expectation changes! I used to think that a Chevy Camaro would be my dream car! In fact I bought one 2 years after I graduated from college, I was happy for about 6 months until I realized that the Camaro was not too great for my daily commute.

As you get older, your expectation changes. You may want hang around different kind of people or friends, date a person with different personality and moral values, you want a car with leather seat instead of cloth seat and so on.

That's one of the reasons why people keep coming and going in your life. People change! We change!

So losing your motivation is a part of life. What's not normal is, when someone stays unmotivated too long and he / she is unable to stand up too long.

I happen to like to watch a boxing match. A boxer who is not able to get back up and fight again will lose the boxing match. If you go scuba diving, sooner or later you must get out of the water once your oxygen runs out, or you'll drown.

So many people died with unfulfilled dreams and goals, because they were unable to motivate themselves. Their dreams and goals are now buried with them in their grave.

Don't let that happen to you. You're a special person with a unique talent and gift; don't let hopelessness and depressions get you down.

I was reading the book of Genesis chapter 1:27 "So God created man in his own image …" You and I were created in God's own image! So you are a unique and special person in God's likeness that is blessed with a special gift, talents and skills!

When you feel like you lose your motivation, always speak with words of faith that are positive, encouraging and full of hope, because your words are power!

The book of Proverb chapter 18 says that "The tongue has the power of life and death …" What comes out of your mouth can either become a blessing or a curse; your words can bring peace or war.

When people get hurt by unkind words, the wounds stay longer. What's coming out of our mouth can either give you hope and encouragement or hurt you.

When you feel bored you can try to find a new thing that will excite you, like new hobbies, new like of work, and maybe a new business venture.
The faster you regain your motivation back is the better. Don't just sit and wait for a miracle to come, you must search and find it. When you're hungry, you go to the kitchen and find something to eat! When you're thirsty, you will try to drink a glass of water or find something to drink.

If someone is hungry and thirsty and he / she is not unwilling to walk to the kitchen to get food and to get some water to drink, sooner or later, he / she will die of starvation.

So again, it is very important for us to be able to regain our motivation back. Go on a vacation, do something fun, buy your favorite CDs / DVDs, do something good for other people, travel outside the country, buy your favorite clothing, eat ice cream and there are thousand different ways to motivate yourself. Make sure that you don't overspend your money.

Change the color of your room, decorate your office or cubicle, try to do new things that you've never done before and like I said, there are thousand of ways to do it.

Use good perfume / cologne, believe me, you will feel a lot better when you smell good, that's why they make aroma therapy stuff. Have you dated someone who never takes a shower? It's really hard to motivate ourselves to kiss or do anything else with that person. Dress up and try to look good, when you look good, you feel good. Read inspirational books and listen to inspirational tapes / CDs.

When your job is not exciting anymore, well maybe it is time to move to a different one. If your business is not as exciting as before, you may want to think about building a different business. Think of it as a new challenge, new challenges that make life fun and exciting.

"What ever you are willing to walk away from, it will make a difference in your life." So, hang in there, be strong and be a good courage!

I want to end this article by sharing this Bible verse with you, "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." (Deuteronomy 31: 6)

Source by Entjik Jeffrie

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