Things I Learn Being a Parent

I thought after school learning is over but I was wrong it was only the start of a much bigger and wider curriculum of life. It did give me more learning when our little angel came into our life. So what did I learn? A lot! Of course I'm still learning up to now and every day is a new lesson. Being a parent isn't easy as you thought it is.

Since there are so many lessons that I have learned being a parent, I'll only list down ten things that are essential for me. I made it as a phrase and coined with some of the well known quotations and sayings.

  1. You're not alone. – Always think that you're not the only person created on this world.
  2. Patience is really a virtue. – Patience can really be a good attitude to have. The more you wait the more and better result you will have.
  3. Boss and leadership . – I know you hate your boss sometimes but you have to know that you too are the boss and the leader in your own house.
  4. Health is wealth . – Always practice prevention. If you and you're family are not ill then you don't have to spend money for medicines and doctors.
  5. Save more, spend less. – Always think of the future and think only of what you need.
  6. Walk your talk. – If you say yes mean it. Don't change it.
  7. Watch your step . – This doesn't only speak of your steps but your decision as well. Always weigh the situation before you act.
  8. Read your food. – This is something that should be practiced. Always read the contents of what you eat and the expiry date.
  9. Time is gold. – Always cherish every moment. Make it as if you were protecting a precious stone.
  10. Let's play. – Everybody needs a break time. A little fun wouldn't hurt.

These lessons are not learned in an instance. We often stumble in the process but the good thing is that we keep whatever mistakes we have and use it as our advantage. So the next time we encounter the same problem we will know how to face it and what solutions we can apply for it.

The ten things that I have learned is something to be shared with others. This does not only applies to parents but also to those singles who wanted some guides or inspiration in their life.

Others may disagree but this is my opinion and this is what I've learned.

Source by Gelo Malikha

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