Victoria Woodhull Quotes – I shall not change my course because those who assume to be better than I desire it.

I shall not change my course because those who assume to be better than I desire it.
(Victoria Woodhull – American Activist)

23-Sep-1838 : 09-Jun-1927

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Boost Your Productivity Tips: Show Up For Meetings On Time
It is a huge waste of time when people arrive late at meetings and the chair of the meeting, out of politeness, would reiterate what had been said in the meeting earlier. In order to influence punctuality in others, you yourself have to be the example and show up on time for all meetings first.

Health Tips: Get cardiovascular exercises
this type of exercise can easily promote health and is a workout that is great for busting calories. A scheduled routing of cardio exercises can also be good for anger management thereby resulting into a more relaxed body and mind.

Money Saving Tips: When your computer is not working.
If your computer is not working as fast as it usually does, or it is not functioning normally, you should not contact your equipment’s manufacturer for it immediately. This is because, they might send someone to repair it, and charge you lots of cash. Instead, you should try to troubleshoot it yourself it at first. Do your research about it through the internet, such as accessing websites or online forums, so that you can save money and learn new things.

Money Saving Tips: Visiting the coffee shop.
If you simply love coffee and you often find yourself going to coffee shops for it, then you should learn how to brew your own coffee soon. There are lots of coffee making products available in the market today, which can allow you to make cups of delicious coffee in just a matter of minutes. Purchase one soon and you would be able to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee, without having to go out of your place and spending more money.

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