Virgil Quotes – Every man makes a god of his own desire.

Every man makes a god of his own desire.
(Virgil – Poet)


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Health Tips: Drink plenty of water
it is easily one of the most effective and cheapest ways of cleansing your system and flushing out the toxins. Drinking water is a lot healthier than having sodas, alcohol or juices when thirsty or after eating. Try to discipline yourself to just have water.

Boost Your Productivity Tips: Focus On What Really Matters
Not everything is a priority. Spend some time on planning to determine the most critical tasks that you need to take on. It’s usually much better to concentrate on one or two priorities and do them really well, instead of doing many things and having mediocre results.

Money Saving Tips: Go with water.
When you are thirsty, whether you are at a movie theater or at the mall, you should skip soda, beer, or juice, and stick to water. This is because water is more affordable than the other drinking beverages, and in some places, it can even be offered for free. Aside from saving more money by drinking water, it can also help you stay fit, since it is not loaded with calories.

Money Saving Tips: Eat in a slower pace.
When it comes to eating, you can save more money and lose weight by eating slower. This is because when you eat slow, you will have a tendency to eat less, since your stomach would take a certain time to send a message to your brain that it is already full. Thus, in eating slower, you won’t just enjoy a fitter you, but you can also enjoy more savings since you consume lesser amounts of foods.

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