Virginia Woolf Quotes – That great Cathedral space which was childhood.

That great Cathedral space which was childhood.
(Virginia Woolf – British Author)

25-Jan-1882 : 28-Mar-1941

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Money Saving Tips: Eat lesser amounts of meat.
When you compare meat products to vegetables, they are more expensive, aside from the fact that they are often associated with fats. Thus, it is best to eat more vegetables instead. However, since you need meat for your source of protein, you should opt for chicken without its skin, since they are more affordable.

Boost Your Productivity Tips: Being Around The Right People
Experience has shown that when you surround yourself with smart people who have similar working styles as you, your productivity tend to increase many folds. This is because they spur you on, rather than bring you down.

Money Saving Tips: Take up gardening.
Gardening can be fun, aside from the fact that it can help you save more money. When you already have a garden, you won’t have to spend extra cash for cabbages, tomatoes, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables, since you can conveniently grow them yourself. By doing that, on top of saving money, you can also ensure that you are consuming organic food items.

Boost Your Productivity Tips: Stick To A Routine
It can be tempting to do the more enjoyable things even if there is a lot of work to do. Procrastination can easily overcome us therefore, create a routine and stick to it. It will help create a pattern in terms of both work and leisure.

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