William Butler Yeats Quotes – In dreams begins responsibility.

In dreams begins responsibility.
(William Butler Yeats – Irish Poet)

13-Jun-1865 : 28-Jan-1939

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The Best Tips Ever!

Health Tips: Do meditation alone
doing meditation alone is the most effective manner of doing it if you want to get immediate results. To do it well, you should remove any discomforts or nuisances that can ruin your concentration. Make use of a comfortable location with proper lighting and temperature. Be patient with the results as they do not happen overnight.

Health Tips: Sometimes the food allergens are your favorite foods which could be more difficult for you to get rid of
Try to condition your mind that foods and additives that can trigger your allergies are not edible. In this way, you can gradually avoid temptation of eating or tasting bits.

Money Saving Tips: Free parking.
When you go around town, you may find that lots of places require payment for parking, especially those that are near certain landmarks. However, if you are patient enough, you should be able to find a place that offers free parking. You may have to walk a few blocks towards your destination for it, but it would be worth it, especially if you practice this regularly.

Health Tips: Consider eating whole foods
Whole foods are nutritious foods having its natural compounds intact. It is neither processed nor refined. It does not contain added chemicals such as flavorings, preservatives and other ingredients. Start eating whole foods by adding slices of fresh fruits and vegetables to each and every meal.

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