Zhang Ziyi Quotes – Men are different. When they are in love they may also have other girlfriends.

Men are different. When they are in love they may also have other girlfriends.
(Zhang Ziyi – Chinese Actress)

09-Feb-1979 :

Mind and Soul Expanding Video!

The Best Tips Ever!

Boost Your Productivity Tips: Get An Outside Perspective
When you get overwhelmed and too emotionally involved in everything that is happening, you tend to not be able to make clear decisions. Get an outside perspective from a business partner, mentor, coach or friend and sort out what’s really most important now. An outside perspective can open you up to new possibilities.

Boost Your Productivity Tips: Define Roles And Divide Work
If you are heading a team, define distinct roles for each member on your team and divide work accordingly as well. There are some people who will want to do everything. With clearly defined roles, everyone on your team is clear on who should do what. In this way, your team will be more productive and tasks get completed faster as well.

Health Tips: Sometimes the food allergens are your favorite foods which could be more difficult for you to get rid of
Try to condition your mind that foods and additives that can trigger your allergies are not edible. In this way, you can gradually avoid temptation of eating or tasting bits.

Health Tips: Get cardiovascular exercises
this type of exercise can easily promote health and is a workout that is great for busting calories. A scheduled routing of cardio exercises can also be good for anger management thereby resulting into a more relaxed body and mind.

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