Zig Ziglar Quotes – Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.
(Zig Ziglar – American Author)

06-Nov-1926 :

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Boost Your Productivity Tips: Find Help When In Doubt
You might require skills that are outside your immediate field to complete tasks at hand. Find others who have those skills and might be interested in working with you or find people who might know someone in their network who would be perfect for it. This increases productivity drastically.

Money Saving Tips: Eat healthier meals.
Avoiding highly processed foods is actually something that offers more than just health benefits. It can also help you save up some money, since they usually cost more than when you prepare your own meals. Preparing your own meals can help you save money, since you can easily load it up vegetables, which are more affordable than meat.

Health Tips: The best way to deal with food allergy is to avoid its triggering factor
Check food labels carefully for additives that can cause you allergic reactions. If you suspect that a specific additive can cause you the allergy, avoid those as much as you can. Consider fresh and unprocessed foods.

Money Saving Tips: Have a savings account in more friendly banks.
There are certain banks these days that can charge you so many fees that you won’t even get the chance to earn any kind of interest. One of the fees that are quite common for some banks is called the maintenance fees. Thus, if you read your bank’s booklet and found this term, then you should consider switching banks as soon as possible.

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