Zinedine Zidane Quotes – I have never had the opportunity to play in England, so I know little about it.

I have never had the opportunity to play in England, so I know little about it.
(Zinedine Zidane – French Athlete)

23-Jun-1972 :

Mind and Soul Expanding Video!

The Best Tips Ever!

Health Tips: Learn to say no
you can say no to anything that you think will only cause you harm like eating bad food, taking alcohol, doing stressful events, losing sleep over something and any other stressful things that will only lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Saying no to these will do you well.

Money Saving Tips: You can always say no.
If your kids are quite fond of telling you what they want at the grocery store or at the toy store, then you should practice saying no to them. Aside from that, you should also learn to say no to your friends, if they want you to out with them for drinks. Saying no would not just feel liberating, but it can also help you save some dough.

Health Tips: Try to stop or at least limit the pills you take daily
while chronic health conditions may result into the need for you to consume several types of pills daily, it would do well to try to limit their use as much as possible since the simultaneous intake of these pills can result into kidney damage due to its harmful chemical contents.

Boost Your Productivity Tips: Plan On Wasting Time
Work intently with no distractions for a given time, then give yourself (significantly shorter) blocks of time to be unapologetically unproductive.

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